The Audio Guild announces the Electro Magnetic Amplifier Co.'s 535SE Headphone Amplifier/Line Preamplifier

SACRAMENTO, CA (January 3, 2017) - The Audio Guild (TAG) and the Electro Magnetic Amplifier Co. (EMAC) announce a new headphone amplifier/line preamplifier designed for the most demanding audiophiles. Designed to capture the magic of the classic single-ended triode (SET) vacuum tube amplifier but without the heat, expense and regular replacement of vacuum tubes, the EMAC 535SE uses a unique and innovative passive/active hybrid amplifier circuit that preserves the extreme simplicity and single-ended nature of the classic SET amplifier. Beautiful "deep vintage" styling pays homage to the venerable triode which saw its first widespread commercial use in the classic "blackface" radios of the 1920s. Built here in the USA, it is available for pre-order now via Indiegogo at a retail price of $1,795 with an early bird discount of $200 for the first 25 units sold. Delivery of the first production units is expected in April of 2017.

"I fell in love with the luscious sound of single-ended triode tube amplifiers, but a couple of 'shocking' experiences as a teen put me off of designing with the high voltages required by vacuum tubes" says TAG co-founder Steve Eddy. But it was this which gave rise to the challenge of capturing the SET magic without the use of tubes. "Initial reviews have been great, and we are excited to get our creation out to more sets of ears."

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About The Audio Guild
The Audio Guild is a collaboration of engineers, designers, craftsmen and other creative people driven by their love of music and a passion for high-fidelity audio reproduction. Originally founded as Q and making its mark in 2010 with an innovative and highly successful aftermarket headphone cable, Q was renamed The Audio Guild in 2013 to serve as an umbrella company under which multiple brands could be developed. The Q cable brand was sold in 2015 to help facilitate the move into audio electronics. The Audio Guild is committed to a return of uncompromising audio gear—bringing beautiful and unparalleled listening experiences to music lovers worldwide. Brands under the TAG umbrella include the Electro Magnetic Amplifier Co., Delmonico Audio and Takeshi Design.


  • Exclusive passive/active hybrid amplifier circuit
  • Studio-grade input transformers provide ultra quiet, low distortion signal amplification and ground isolation
  • Unique single-ended JFET/bipolar output stage provides a low impedance, high current output
  • Zero global feedback
  • Gain: 14dB
  • Maximum output: 14V peak/250mA
  • Power (peak): 2W/32 Ohm, 3.12W/50 Ohm, 1.96W/100 Ohm, 650mW/300 Ohm, 330mW/600 Ohm
  • Output impedance: 1 Ohm
  • THD+N: 0.05%
  • Three inputs, preamplifier output
  • Telecom-gradeheadphone jack with integral switching of preamplifier output
  • Vintage styling inspired by classic "blackface" radios of the 1920s
  • Solid cherry wood case
  • Engraved Traffolyte front panel
  • Genuine DAKA-WARE bakelite knobs
  • 14" W x 7" H x 7.75" D
  • Made in the USA




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Liam Strain
The Audio Guild
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